eat well at santa fe steakhouse

z had been to this restaurant several years ago when she was in forest hills and so we all went for a “meaty” meal. the interior had warm lighting and wooden bench booths, very similar to Outback Steakhouse. it was nice and cozy and the wait staff were friendly.

we were kinda hungry so we started with some appetizers: mesa cheese fries and buffalo bill’s wings. they were SO GOODd! the mesa cheese fries, their version of potato skins, were decadent with both jack and cheddar cheese melted on top with a horseradish sauce. wow. then the buffalo wings – AWESOME! i love crispy wings and this place knocked it out of the ballpark! crispy buffalo wings are so hard to find so i am happy i now have a place to go when i’m craving them!

one of the things z remembered about this restaurant was their bread. two kinds of bread baked together and brought to you on a wooden cutting board. it wasn’t as good as z remembered but it was quite soft and flavorful tho a little greasy. “unfortunately” by the time our main meals came, we were so full! but we got a big laugh about how HUGE the plates were!

z got the taco salad and we couldn’t comprehend how she would be able to eat it! her plates also came with nachos and salsa too! i got the filet mignon but i didn’t even touch it! i did have it for dinner the next day and it was so tender – yum! i did have some of m’s sizzzling fajitas – a warm tortilla shell with steak, onions, red pepper, rice, guacamole and salsa – it was REALLY good!

even tho we were hungry when we got to the restaurant, our stomach were no match for the amount of food we got! but the good thing is we all had lots of leftovers for the next night. go with some friends and have a fun time. we’ll be back definitely for the wings … at least!

eat at Santa Fe Steakhouse in forest hills, ny


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