a tax for fat?

how far is too far in the name of health? we’ve see our country divided over Obama’s health bill but what if we had to pay tax on saturated fat? since Oct 1, the Danish consumers do.

the Danish government have already regulated other unhealthy foods: imposing higher tax on sugar and banning transfats. while some may feel these actions are motivated by financial gain instead of people’s health, results show these strides have made some progress: in the past several years, Denmark has seen reduced rates of cardiovascular disease by over 30%.

danish already pay a high tax in return for benefits – much higher than we pay in the states. as we are approaching an election yaer, i am curious what our candidates will offer in the issue of health. i doubt any candidate will even attempt to propose raising taxes for  YOUR benefit, much less get elected.

read article on Yahoo! News by Lisa Abend from Time.com: Beating Butter: Denmark Imposes the World’s First Fat Tax


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