alternative chairs

as more studies have been showing that sitting at work all day is connected with heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes and other serious disorders, here are some alternatives for more back-friendly sitting, and working out while working.

Standing workstations
Standing behind a computer takes some getting used to and is not exactly comfortable. It would be comfortable to use for part of the day, but not all day.

Kneeling chairs
It can help one sit straighter and feel less fatigued after long hours sitting at a desk. One should make sure to adjust the angle of the seat and the seat height when one feels pressure on your hips or knees.

Recliner chairs
Issue with recliner chairs is that we were looking down at our laptop screens, which caused some neck strain. A suggestion is to use a rolling desk to avoid the neck strain that happens when working with a computer on one’s lap.

Exercise ball chairs
They are great for strengthening core muscles, but you need to constantly engage your core muscles to not put pressure on your lower back. It was challenging keep our core muscles engaged while sitting for long stretches of time. One can also roll the ball around and stretch while working.

Get up and move
Getting up and moving during the day is as effective, whether to get up and walk around the office or does a jumping jack every 20 minutes or so.

read article on Yahoo! Shine by Steve Graham from Alternatives to sitting in a desk chair


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