calcium supplements

peak bone mass occurs around age 30 so it’s important to have a healthy intake of calcium from childhood and adolescence. after age 30, we start to gradually lose bone, especially for women at the time of menopause.

according to the Institute of Medicine, the recommended daily intake of calcium is:

  • 1-3 years: 700 milligrams daily
  • 4-8 years: 1,000 milligrams daily
  • 9-18 years: 1,300 milligrams daily
  • 19-50 years: 1,000 milligrams daily
  • 51-70 years: 1,200 milligrams daily for women; 1,000 milligrams daily for men
  • 71 and older: 1,200 milligrams daily

calcium carbonate is inexpensive, won’t cause discomfort, and is a good source of calcium but for some people calcium citrate supplement might be better because it dissolves a little better than calcium carbonate. to absorb calcium better, Vitamin D provides an added benefit. magnesium and coral calcium is not necessary.

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* find out if you should take other supplements – read a post about supplements (except calcium not good for older women


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