celebrate with macarons from bouchon bakery

what do you bring to a friend’s city wedding picnic? how about macarons? but not just any macarons: macarons from bouchon bakery!

bouchon bakery’s macarons are two large cookies that are light and crisp on the outside and soft and chewy inside. in between the cookies is rich buttercream. the flavors change per season so the day i went, there were the following 6 flavors: vanilla, chocolate, caramel, raspberry yogurt, fig balsamic and pistachio. i’ve had macarons before but these are by far the best i’ve had – the cookies are huge and the textures are wonderful.

in addition to macarons, i also picked up some TKOs, which is a reinterpretation of chef/owner, thomas keller’s favorite snack, an oreo cookie. the result is a cookie made from chocolate sable dough and a sweet white chocolate ganache filling. at the picnic. the ganache is pretty amazing and while the cookie is nice, i do still prefer the oreo cookie.

bouchon bakery has other sweets aside from cookies, including crossaints, tarts, pasteries and chocolate confections. in addition, you can get savory goods at the bakery including quiche, soups and salads, breads and sandwiches.

thomas keller is also known for his famous restaurants: The French Laundry in yountville, ca and per se in nyc, ny.

enjoy desserts at Bouchon Bakery in new york city as well as las vegas and california


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