tw: i-baked

while walking through shi da night market, my niece pointed out an ice cream sandwich shop and after having an amazing ice cream sandwich at The Meatball Shop, i had to try it!

co-owner, ivy, grew up in the states loving to bake cookies. when she moved to taiwan for work, she learned that people in taiwan didn’t know cookies could be soft! so she opened up i-baked with a friend in 2009 selling cookies, ice cream sandwiches, brownies, muffin and blondies.

the cookies have fun names including: cookie monster, napoleon dynamite, b-nut putter, m-squared, snow white and the seven oats, sticky hickey and chocoholics anonymous. cookies are handmade and freshly baked everyday using U.S. imported ingredients.

i chose the jungle fever cookies which is dark chocolate cookie with white chocolate chunks and mint chocolate chip ice cream. yum! the cookies were nice and soft – chocolaty but not too heavy and not too sweet. the ice cream was also really good.

the ice cream sandwiches are quite large so i’m glad i was sharing it with someone because it would make me sad to see so something yummy go to waste!

eat at i-baked in taipei, tw – english version

read article by Catherine Shu in Taipei Times: Tidbits


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