tw: tea with fresh fruit

now tea is a staple but is there a way to shake it up? yes, indeed and in taiwan, they do. here comes tea with fresh fruit. oh my!

there are a few places that has tea with fruit but this tea serving company serves up tea with fruit better than any other, according to my nieces. her favorite is the tea with mango so i had the iced tea with mango but m had the iced tea with one of the new flavors: grapefruit. i can see why she likes this drink and this place so much – it was SO GOOD!

with iced tea with mango, each sip you get chunks of mango bits that you drink and chew at the same time. with the iced tea with grapefruit, each sip you get bursts of grapefruit with each sit. another new flavor is star fruit and if i was still in taiwan, i would try it!

quench your thirst at the tea serving company in taipei, tw


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