tw: hsu-ji buns

when you see a large crowd at a stand in a night market, you know it is worth the wait. at the shi da night market, the crowd waits for Hsu-Ji’s buns.

open since 1984 by his parents, mr. hsu continued the business of making these raw-fried buns with thin fermented dough filled will Dongpo’s pork and cabbages. unlike steamed soup dumplings, these dumplings are fried but hot juice still oozes out after you take a bite. oooooh yeah!

there is almost always a line at the hsu-ji buns stand but it’s not they are inefficient. in fact they’re are super efficient. large bowls of pork and cabbage are ready for the filling. a pile of equally sized balls of dough are ready to be wrapped. two or three “wrappers” are making the dumplings and they toss it to the middle of the table. a “catcher” lines up all of the dumplings on her end of the table.

there are two large pan friers and as soon as one is empty, the “catcher” lines the buns comfortably touching each other in the frier. when it is filled, the “frier” sprinkles sesame seeds and water on top of the raw buns, then covers them so they cook. while this is happening, the other frier is ready and helps served the buns with the “order-taker.” when you get your buns, you can stop by the sauce cart where a “saucer” helps you choose and add sauces to your buns.

so if they are so efficient, why is there always a line? bcuz everyone know knows how good they are and want some! when you get to the stand, get your number ticket right away, then wait your turn. some customers order one or two while others order boxes! when you get your buns, you can’t just help smile with happiness. when you bite into a bun, flavor oozes int your mouth and takes over your mind. hsu-ji buns are amazing!

eat Hsu-Ji Buns (許記生煎包) at shi da market in taipei, tw


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