hk: tsui wah

upon arriving in hong kong, my family and i were hungry! after we checked into the hotel and dropped off our stuff, we asked the front desk where we can get a bite to eat and they recommended a restaurant a few blocks away: Tsui Wah.

the menu is pretty extensive as if to make sure there’s something for everyone. we did our best to try a little of everything! some of the dishes we tried were:
– kagoshima pork cartilage with vermicelli in fish soup
– king prawns in XO sauce with tossed noodles
– shrimp & spinach dumplings with noodles in fish soup
– spicy chicken with vermicelli in fish soup
– king prawns with vermicelli in tom yum kung
– crispy bun served with sweet condensed milk

we also had some of the drinks and they were so refreshing:
– iced green lemon with mint
– tangerine with lemon honey
– red bean milk
– red bean milk with ice cream

as we explored hong kong the next few days, we saw several tsui wah restaurants all over hong kong. we enjoyed it so much, we went twice! tsui wah, is definitely a safe bet if you don’t know the restaurants around you and want to get a good meal.

eat at Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠華集團) in various locations in hong kong – english version


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