hk: the sweet dynasty

one of the most gourmet meals we had in hong kong was at another restaurant my niece recommended: the sweet dynasty – and oh how sweet it was!

for the main dishes we had pork congee, noodles with wontons in soup, fried noodles with seafood, deep fried spare ribs with strawberry sauce and fried squid with celery in XO sauce. a notable mentions – my dad said the congee was the best he has ever had. as as for my favorite part of the meal: dessert. the sweet dynasty, as in its name, is known for its tofu pudding and they serve it on its own as well as with fruits, tapioca and nuts to make it ever more decadent and enjoyable – not just in taste but presentation. the tofu pudding is served in an ice bath brought to you with cool steam floating about. awesome! we had the chilled tofu pudding with fresh mango & pearl tapioca, chilled sago soup with pomelo & mango, and tofu pudding with tapioca & lily bulb.

this elaborate feast did come with a price but we relished in every flavor – both savory and sweet. it truly was a meal not to be forgotten and i have started saving for another try to hong kong to have their dessert again!

eat at The Sweet Dynasty (糖朝) in taiwan, hong kong and japan


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