kitchen tools you don’t need

there are lots of kitchen gadgets out there, some that look really cool, but which is really necessary and which isn’t? here are 11 items that, according to a chef instructor at Culinary Institute of America, you don’t really need.

  1. Electric Griddle > use a cast iron skillet with a flat bottom
  2. Electric Steamer > simply place a wire mesh strainer or metal colander directly inside your cooking pot filled with water. If your lid won’t fit after placing either inside, place a piece of aluminum foil over the top and seal it around the pot.
  3. Funnel > trim off the bottom section of an empty plastic soda bottle (about 3 inches down from where the neck slopes) and turn it upside down for wet ingredients except hot items. For dry ingredients, create a simple cone shape from parchment or wax paper, holding it in place or taping the sides.
  4. Juice Reamer > simply use a large pair of tongs (about 6- to 8-in long).
  5. Mandoline > use a vegetable peeler. For maximum efficacy and control, find one with a handle that comfortably fits your hand, and (carefully) slice towards the body.
  6. Meat Mallet > go for a small sauté pan (8″ – 9″ pan). Sandwich the meat between two layers of plastic cling wrap and have at it with your makeshift mallet.
  7. Panini Press > a sauté pan + panini + with cast iron skillet or heavy cans on top won’t give you those signature grill lines but it will provide all the toasty, gooey sandwiches you can handle.
  8. Pastry Bag > opt for a zip-top plastic bag that you can toss when done. Add the frosting or filling (about halfway up or less), press it down gently into one bottom corner and twist the leftover bag at top to close it off. Snip the corner off as desired (the higher up you cut, the bigger the line will be) and pipe away.
  9. Roasting Rack > creating a small ring or S-shape “snake” out of rolled foil that’s about 1/2-in thick. Place it in an aluminum roaster pan and then set your bird on top of it. For an even easier option, layer chopped onions, carrots and celery on the bottom of a pan, about 1/2- to 1-in deep, and set your bird on top. It’s just enough room to let the air circulate—with the added benefit of roasted vegetables for later.
  10. Rolling Pin > in its place, wrap a wine bottle with plastic cling wrap and work away as you would with a pin. If you’re working with dough for pie or shortbread cookies, ensure it stays cool by using a full bottle that’s been chilling in the fridge for a bit.
  11. Wok >a large sauté pan preferably one that has a clad bottom and good weight to it, which will “hold the heat nice and high, and disperse it evenly.”

read article on Yahoo! Shopping by Mandy Major from 11 Kitchen Tools You Don’t Really Need

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