taste the secret sauce of mystic pizza

i have not watched the movie from beginning to end but i have seen bits of it and know its about three women working in a place called Mystic Pizza. so, on a weekend getaway to mystic, ct why not stop for a slice at the famous pizzeria?

while i still think new york style pizza is the best, mystic pizza has an awesome deep dish pizza. m & i ordered a small pie – half House Special with meatball, sausage, green peppers, onions and mushrooms for m – and – half Vegetarian Delight with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and broccoli for me. the sauce and cheese are great and the toppings are fresh but my favorite part is the crust – it is so crispy and yummy. i really enjoyed it!

now, mystic pizza was around long before the movie was filmed. since 1973, it had been feeding the growing crowds with pizza with their special sauce. after the release of the movie in 1988, mystic pizza only became more famous – so much so that they opened a second location. in addition, they created frozen pizza for delivery or for purchase at various grocery stores – they even give you coupons for the frozen pizza with your receipt. looking forward to trying it!

eat at Mystic Pizza in mystic, ct


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