chow down at ed’s chowder house

i don’t remember when or from where i read about this place but it’s hard to resist a place that has chowder as part of the name. it just screams seafood and is a nice place to share with friends!

as it is a chowder place, between the four of us, we tried the summer corn chowder with crispy leeks, manhattan style blue crab chowder and the Ed’s loaded shellfish chowder – which i had. it sure was loaded with lobster, shrimp and clams.the chowders are pretty large portions and quite filling.

for the main dish, we tried the striped bass sandwich with watercress and beefsteak tomatoes, fresh pea and fava bean risotto with shrimp, jumbo lump crab cake with spicy remoulade, and soft shell crab sandwich. i enjoyed the crab cake and tried the striped bass sandwich. yum. we cleaned all of our plates!

even though we didn’t have much room for any more food, two of us ordered from the restaurant menu and it came with dessert. so between the four of us, we shared the strawberry ice cream and the dark chocolate pudding with bourbon pecans. sweet lip-smacking goodness!

if the food being delicious isn’t enough, the place is very pretty. the restaurant is on the second level above a starbucks. the grand stairway is adorned with photos and clear bubble chandelier. the dining room is sectioned into 3 rooms: the first room as you enter from the stair case is the bar on one side and an all white room with a seats and small tables on the other side; a second dining room is sectioned by a wall of colorful wine bottles; and the third dining room in the back has a darker look but still has a lot of light coming from the tall windows. it is just a lovely place to sit and dine.

eat at Ed’s Chowder House in the upper west side, ny

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