van leeuwen artisinal ice cream

the first time i saw the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck over a year ago in soho after dinner with friends. it caught my eye bcuz it had an earl grey flavored ice cream – my favorite tea. since we just finished a huge meal, i couldn’t fit any more food so we had to walk by without a taste. since then, i have seen the pale yellow truck several times in the city but always at similar inopportune moments. today the streak ended.

after the fun outdoor concert and a yummy late dinner, k tempted me with gourmet ice cream across the street. she made it sound so good that i couldn’t say no. what did i see when we exited the restaurant? the van leeuwen artisinal ice cream truck! i didn’t need to look at the choices – i knew exactly which flavor i would try! i am so glad i didn’t overeat during dinner bcuz i finally got to taste the earl grey ice cream! it was so creamy good!

van leeuwen artisinal ice cream uses fresh hormone free milk and cream from new york farmers to create ice cream that tastes home made. the family run business also cares about the environment, using disposable goods made from 100% renewable resources. they also pledge 1% of their profits to a grassroot organization whose goal is to preserve the mountain gorilla, an endangered species.

good ice cream + good people = a great combination.

have a scoop from the Van Leeuwen ice cream stores or truck in parked in various locations in nyc


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