bring out the spice market

since opening in 2004, spice market has consistently been listed as one of the top new york city restaurants. jean-georges vongerichten’s restaurant used to be a former two-story warehouse but you would never know it when you walk inside. the interiors truly is a sight to behold – from the high ceilings; to stylish furniture and elegant silk lanterns; to wonderful colors of cheerful orange, warm wood and natural greens. you feel like you enter a brand new world and it is beautiful!

for spice market’s restaurant week lunch menu, there are three choices of appetizers:
– spicy thai slaw with asian pear, crispy shallots and mint
– spiced chicken samosas with cilantro yogurt
– charred chili rubbed beef skewer with thai basil dipping sauce

three choices of main dishes:
– pollack with malaysian chili sauce with thai basil
– vietnamese chicken curry
– chili-garlic egg noodles with thai basil and mint

and three choices of desserts:
– ovaltine kulfi with caramelized banan, spiced milk chocolate sauce
– coconut cake with salted caramel and guava ice cream
– ice cream or sorbet packaged in a chinese take-out container

since dishes are served family style and there were five of us, we tried all of the restaurant week menu plus two other lunch specials: the grilled salmon and arugula salad with crystallized mustard and lemon soy vinaigrette – and –  the grilled short rib burger with daikon and chili.

each dish had a special twist in the flavor but the ones i felt that were the most unique were: the wonderfully crispy spiced chicken samosa, the sweet and sour chili-garlic egg noodles. the flavorful grilled salmon and arugula salad, and the ovaltine kulfi. we had a great time trying all the dishes and soaking up the ambiance. come here whenever you need a quick getaway!

try eat at Spice Market in the meatpacking district, ny


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