you’re such a meatball – and i love it!

you know how sometimes you have a taste in your mouth and you just have to satiate it? i had a hankering for meatballs the other day and luckily i knew exactly where i wanted to go: a place JUST for meatballs. i read about the meatball shop quite a while ago and i never forgot about it. i’m glad i didn’t! the shop does not disappoint. using a dry erase menu and dry erase markers (reusable and smart!), you choose:

  • what kind of meat (beef, spicy pork, chicken, vegetable or the day’s special which happened to be lamb)
  • what kind of sauce (tomato sauce, spicy meat, mushroom gravy, parmesan cheese or special sauce)
  • how you like it served from “naked balls” (b0wl of meatballs and a piece of focaccia) with or without sides – to – a variation of meatball sandwiches (heroes, smash and sliders)

i wanted to try a couple of meatballs and sauces so I had 2 sliders: (1) spicy pork meatball with tomato sauce and (2) beef meatball with spicy meat sauce. i loved BOTH! the beef meatball with spicy meat sauce was tender with a good hint of spice while the spicy pork with tomato sauce just melted in my mouth but with a stronger zing. but if i really had to choose, i may pick the spicy pork due to the higher spicy level. m went traditional and got the beef meatballs with tomato sauce over spaghetti. i had some of it and it was really good too!

now if you think you had your meatballs and ate them too so it’s time to go home, well then you’re wrong! you must save room for something sweet: the ice cream sandwich! they are the softest cookies sandwiching a huge scoop of homemade ice cream. i had the ginger snaps with espresso ice cream while m had the peanut butter cookies with chocolate ice cream. mine was amazing! the ice cream was so good and the ginger snaps had a nice hint of ginger. m loved the cookies, especially with bits of peanuts in them. the chocolate ice cream had an unique flavor – something like a chocolate icee.

i really enjoyed my first time at the meatball shop and look forward to going back. it is a cute little shop with a bar and an open view of the kitchen. they don’t take reservations so you’ll just get there to see if there is a wait. the service is friendly although somewhat slow but all that does is remind you to just relax and enjoy the food.

eat at The Meatball Shop in lower east side, ny


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