making the change to glass storage containers

while i had made the change to read the labels and throw out plastics 3, 6 and 7, it really isn’t enough. most plastics contain an organic compound called BPA (Bisphenol A) and when improperly reused again and again, over time the BPA starts to breakdown and is ingested by people. this can cause brain damage not to mention ovarian and breast cancers.

therefore instead of checking to see how much plastic i ingest, i invested in glass storage containers. while plastic containers are lighter and cheaper, glass is easier to clean, doesn’t absorb the smell of food and last a lot longer. there is also a lot of variety in the stores now. some brands you can store in the freezer as well as cook with them in the oven, so they can be used for many purposes! you can choose lids that lock, air tight BPA free lids as well as lids in various colors.

so make the switch for your health, reduce kitchen clutter and have fun doing it with style!

read article by Shaunna Winchester on Ezine @rticles: Food Storage Containers – Glass Vs Plastic

buy glass storage container:

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