sprinkle your cupcakes with joy

there’s was a lot of buzz going on when sprinkles opened in nyc in may and it has not died down. i finally went when i was walking by the neighborhood and i will be back! looking like sprinkles falling from the sky, the cute store on the upper east side is designed with catchy bold dots of colors inside and out. it just looks fun and inviting – as it should be – you’re gonna have some cupcakes!

when you enter, you are welcome to a display with three rows of cupcakes – which flavor to choose! for my first cupcake, i had the black and white.cupcake – belgian dark chocolate cake with creamy vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles. the medium-sized chocolate is so moist and delicious. the frosting on top was a bit too sweet, as most frosting are for me. what would make me go back again is to try the flavors they have, like ginger lemon, key lime and chai latte. … hmmm. if you’ve been there before, you know that flavors change daily, even seasonally, so if you have a flavor in mind, you will need to plan in advance by checking their site or their iPhone app.

sprinkles cupcakes is founded by candace nelson, whose great grandmother was renowned for distinctive desserts. at sprinkles cupcakes, they use dairy and produce from local farms where available.  in addition to tasty desserts, their bakery boxes, plates, napkins, shopping bags and giftboxes are made from recycled materials. other efforts include the use of green cleaning products and programs to maximize waste recycling and minimize water usage. happiness and responsibility in a cupcake. sweet.

have a cupcake at Sprinkles in your city

  • check in advance what flavors will be available in your store
  • follow with the Sprinkle Cupcakes app on iPhone

watch founder candace nelson as a judge on season 3 of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

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