have a scoop at blue marble ice cream

while on a walk at the brooklyn bridge park on a nice breezy summer day, i was in an ice cream mood. i saw the blue marble ice cream truck so i had a scoop of their coffee ice cream. yum! while i like ice cream, sometimes it is too rich and sweet but leave me feeling heavy. but not blue marble ice cream. perhaps it is the ingredients from local dairy from healthy cows in new york state farmers, avoiding artificial coloring or flavoring, and when possible, natural sweeteners by seasons.

in addition to using organic ingredients in their ice cream and supplies from biodegradable / compostable / recycled supplies. blue marble ice cream shops are designed and built with eco-friendly style in their furniture, energy and paint. they also use environmentally friendly practices.

blue marble ice cream not only serves ice cream, it also serves Fair Trade, organic coffee and In Pursuit of Tea. in their cobble hill location, they have bagels are topped organic, grass-fed butter, organic cream cheese and organic peanut butter. enjoy baked goods including morning muffins, breads, coffee cakes and croissants at Blue Sky Bakery in park slope.

have a scoop at Blue Marble Ice Cream

  • two Brooklyn shop locations in cobble hill and prospect heights, ny
  • ice cream “trike” (mobile bikes) in the brooklyn brooklyn bridge park – pier 1 and pier 6 as well as other locations

or enjoy baked goods at Blue Sky Bakery in park slope, ny


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