health foods that can make you fat

there’s a lot of foods that are healthy but if you dress them up the wrong way, it no longer is. the one i have to watch out for is half and half … what’s coffee without it? well, i’ll have to try!

Sushi Rolls
Sushi rolls slathered with mayo (or spicy saucy), rolls with tempura and Americanized rolls with cream cheese defeat the healthiness of japanese sushi. Also, soy sauce is loaded with sodium.

Dried Fruit
Cup for cup, dried fruit has five to eight times more calories than the fresh kind because it has been dehydrated and is much denser. And many brands add sugar, amping up the calorie count even more.

Since it’s loaded with good-for-you nuts and oats, it’s too bad that they add oil to make it crisp and tons of sugar for more yumminess.

Bran Muffins
Whether it’s plain bran or mixed with apples or bananas, the fiber fills you up, sure, but considering all the sugar and butter it delivers, a bran muffin is basically just a round slice of cake.

Half and Half
You put so little into your coffee, it seems like a harmless way to get calcium – especially when compared to full-fat cream. But a few spoonfuls per cup of joe two or three times a day quickly adds up.

If you roll it out, it can be 1 foot across and pack up to 300 calories. Since the surface area is way bigger than two slices of bread, you coat it with a lot more mayo or dressing than you would a sub or sandwich.

Bottled Teas
Most store-bought brands are souped up with sugar or honey. Since one bottle can contain two or more servings, bringing the calorie count similar to a bottle of soda.

Rice Cakes
These light snacks are fat-free and low in calories, but they’re also completely lacking in fiber or protein. They add more calories to your daily total and leave you craving something with substance. And limit the flavored kinds – they don’t satisfy you more and they tend to have lots of sugar or sodium.

Veggie Burgers
Skipping beef in lieu of a meat-free patty may save you a little fat and cholesterol. But depending on the brand and what you put on it (he cheese, huge size of the burgers, a bun and some ketchup), you could easily end up housing more than 1,000 calories.

Orange Juice
Reaching your recommended daily fruit-serving goal by getting it in liquid form might be the reason you can’t fit into last year’s LBD.Most of that is sugar.

Diet Microwave Meals
The lean ready-to-eat dishes tend to be high in sodium. As a result, scarfing them will make you retain water, especially in your arms and legs, leaving you puffy

There’s nothing better for you or your waist than naked veggies, but the shredded cheese, candied nuts, croutons, and globs of dressing often make salads as caloric as an oversize dish of pasta.

Tofu itself isn’t the issue – the problem is that the white stuff is so bland, it’s often served doused in decadent sauces then deep-fried to give it flavor and texture, making it a diet disaster.

read article on Yahoo! Shine by Zoe Ruderman from 13 Healthy Foods That Will Make You Fat


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