media: the recipe 된장

have you ever had a meal that made you block out anything and everything around you? if so, you may be able relate to this movie. a convicted man on the run from deathrow was so engrossed in enjoying a bowl of doenjang jigae, that he allowed himself to get caught. it was also the last thing on his mind on his last moment.

there are so many things to love about this movie: the reporter’s passion in finding out the truth; the sweet story of a relationship of jang jye-jin and kim hyun-soo; and the many layers of their special recipe for doenjang jigae.

while i love korean food, doenjang jigae isn’t on the top of my list (maybe it’s because i haven’t had the doenjang jigae made by jang hye-jin) but it doesn’t take away from loving this movie. it truly makes you appreciate the craft and artistry of cooking.

watch the korean movie: The Recipe (된장), 2009 on


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