no hiding great flavor at hide-chan ramen

d saved me a japanese magazine with listings of over ten noodle places in nyc. i already went to two of them and both were really good so i had high expectations for the others. anyhoo, m & i were meeting friends to see a movie at japan society. they chose this restaurant: hide-chan ramen. it happened to be one of the restaurants in the japanese magazine.

hide-chan’s owner, bobby munekata, also owns totto ramen, which m & i went to last year and we loved it! so two thumbs up – for both of bobby munekata’s restaurants. while both restaurants are noodle restaurants, totto ramen only serves ramen but hide-chan ramen has ramen as well as a rice bowls and a variety of side dishes. i opted to try other dishes. i got the pickled cucumber, pork buns (2 per order) and char siu rice (sticky rice with pork). i enjoyed all of them. you can also ask them for a container of sliced ginger to add to your dish(es). yum!

m, p & lm, on the other hand, ordered noodles: hide-chan’s tonkotsu served with pork based broth with sliced pork. like totto ramen, you can add toppings to your noodles, from seasoned boiled eggs, pork, vegetables, sauces and kaedama (more noodles). they enjoyed their hakata tonkotsu ramen and hakata chicken ramen. i tried some of m’s noodles and concluded that if i am craving noodles, i’d go to totto ramen but if i wanted a variety, i’d come back to hide-chan ramen. it’s also more convenient to meet friends bcuz they take reservations. thanks to bobby munekata, we have two places to choose from!

eat at Hide-Chan in midtown east, ny


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