5 foods that keep you thin

instead of sticking to diet fare, fill up on nutritious, wholesome foods. here are five options, which are among the many delicious foods that make a good addition to healthy eating while keeping you slender.

Apples are a good source of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber not only contributes to a healthy digestive system and reduced cholesterol, but it also benefits smart eaters by yielding no calories while keeping them satisfied. And there’s something else about the fruit that might help you feel full.

Eating nuts at least two times a week resulted in more weight loss than those who didn’t eat this food. One particular favorite among some nutritionists is almonds. The protein and fiber can make you feel full and they are crunchy and require a lot of chewing, so they, too, can make you feel like you’ve eaten more than you actually did and keep you fuller longer.

Seafood can be part of a healthy diet and the fat in foods such as salmon can boost satiety levels. It is also relatively low in calories and a good source of protein as well.

Eating eggs at breakfast can help you fight weight gain all day long. Although protein is likely to fill you up whenever you eat it, having more in the morning can keep you feeling fuller all day long.

Non-starchy vegetables in particular, such as carrots, celery and spinach, are filled with fiber. While there are many veggies that can help you stay slim, tomatoes might be a particularly good option because they’re so tasty.

read article on Yahoo! Shine by Kristin McGrath: 5 Foods that Keep You Thin


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