great catch at fishtail by david burke

i chose fishtail because of the review i read about the can o’ cake dessert but the main dishes looked just as good – not surprising since it is david burke.

true to its name, fish and seafood is its specialty! we ordered 2 appetizers:

  • Scallop Carbonara with angel hair past
  • Angry Mussels & Pork Cheeks with basil, meyer lemon, serrano peppers, enoki mushrooms and grilled baguette

and three fish dishes:

  • Roasted Wild Halibut w wild mushrooms, lettuce leaves & mushroom broth
  • Columbia River King Salmon with spring vegetable succotash, morels, parmesan crisp & aged balsamic
  • Parmesan Crusted Fluke with truffled peach, yellow wax beans & champagne butter

everything was delicious! the scallops were so meaty, mussels had the right amount of spice, halibut was flavorful, salmon was perfect but i think my favorite was the fluke with the nice crisp of parmesan on top – YUM! the sides to the fish are so tasty and we also ordered the herb whipped potatoes, which was the perfect side. all that and still room for dessert (and you must leave room for david burke’s can o’ cake!)

fishtail definitely is a place for celebration. dishes aren’t cheap but they are so worth the flavor. wait staff will dote after you … perhaps a bit more than everyday folks may be used to. but it is nice to be pampered every now and then!

eat at Fishtail by David Burke in midtown, ny

* read post on another david burke restaurant: David Burke Kitchen


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