foods to avoid for the beach

never thought that some foods that would make you look fat – especially when you go to the beach

5: Cucumber Water instead of diet sodas: Diet soda’s fizz will continue to burble and expand in your stomach, priming you for serious bloat.

4: Food Should Taste Good Jalepeno chips with salsa instead of Broccoli with ranch dressing: Broccoli, like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage, and other cruciferous vegetables are among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Cruciferous vegetables contain a sugar called raffinose – the same sugar that gives beans their heavy-winded reputation. In your gut, raffinose is fermented by gas-producing bacteria, which can make you feel bloated and gassy. That’s not necessarily unhealthy, but it might lead to some awkward beach photos.

3: Fruit Salad of Banana, Mango, and Papaya instead of Russell Stover’s Sugar Free Toffee Squares: sugar free candies are not necessarily healthy. Sweeteners simply ferment and emit gas. For some people, this causes severe discomfort and bloating. Stick with fruit and you’ll avoid the problem entirely.

2: Birds Eye Viola! Shrimp Scampi instead of Stouffer’s Skillets Easy Express Broccoli & Beef: Stouffer’s meal has a lot of sodium. Because sodium is an electrolyte that tells your body to withhold water. Sodium-induced water retention causes you to carry water weight, which makes you appear swollen and puffy. Unless you’re going for a beached-whale look, seek low-sodium foods before hitting the waves.

1: Smoothie King Strawbery Shredder instead of Smoothie King The Hulk Strawberry: Smoothies have a reputation for being healthy and low in calories but not all smoothies are created equal. Choose Smoothie King’s Strawberry Shredder just three times a week and you’ll drop more than two pounds every month.

read article on Yahoo! Health by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding from Men’s Health: 5 Worst Beach-Body Foods


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