exercise off the fat

never heard that certain situations can help you when you exercise.

  1. You’ll be able to comfortably work out longer and harder if you’re cool. Being too hot stresses your body out, so you burn less fat.
  2. Wearing a heart-rate monitor makes it easier to burn more body fat by showing just how hard you’re really working. Keeping your heart rate in the right zone prevents you from slacking off, so you make the most of every minute.
  3. Warming up for five minutes before each workout helps you lose more weight. It not only makes your muscles more pliable but also increases their range of motion, so you end up using more muscle fibers as you exercise.
  4. Saving your energy for the end of your cardio workout may prevent you from losing as much weight as you can. Do your high-intensity cardio early in your workout. After doing your warm-up, try exercising at a high intensity for 15 minutes before slowing down to a more moderate pace for the last 15 minutes.
  5. Two smaller workouts can be more effective than one. Splitting up your workout boosts your metabolism twice, giving you additional calorie-burning time from the exact same routine. Divide your workout into two smaller, high-intensity sessions—preferably, doing one in the morning and one at night.
  6. Remind yourself every few minutes that you’re giving it your all. This little mental move may motivate you to push yourself harder, leading to even greater fat loss.
  7. The less time you rest between sets when strength training, the more calories you’re likely to burn. Keeping rest periods short keeps your heart rate at a higher rate, which naturally increases the number of calories you’re using. Take only a 30-second break between sets (meaning you’ll need a watch with a second hand).

read article on Yahoo! Shine by Myatt Murphy from Health.com: Blast off fat (way) faster


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