savor each bite at del frisco’s

i was searching online for a restaurant with really great cheesecake for m and i stumbled upon a blog, just desserts nyc, by two gals who love desserts. one of the two, amanda, reviewed Del Frisco’s butterscotch cheesecake, which sounded heavenly for m. she also reviewed their (secret) lemon cake, which sounded heavenly for me. so this was the chosen restaurant for the night!

this beautiful restaurant by Rockefeller Center and a block away from Radio City Music Hall is grand and classy with a friendly and efficient staff. first, they make sure they know your schedule – in case you are attending a show after the meal. then they share with you the day’s specials as well as dishes the restaurant is famous for – i.e. their practically breadless crabcake. we ordered the crabcake and their special – three 4-oz filet mignon steaks in three different sauces – a butter, a shiitake merlot and a crabmeat béarnaise. we also had a few sides of mozzarella with tomatoes and lobster mac and cheese. the crabmeat was endless lumps of crab, the mozzarella was fresh, the lobster in the mac and cheese was cooked to perfection and the steak … OMG … sooooo tender and flavorful. then there was the dessert. m got the cheesecake, which was heavenly and i got the lemon cake. first of all, my lemon cake got the attention of all the tables around us because it was HUGE. but that was nothing compared to the taste. 6 layers of super moist cake with lemon curd in between each layer and a final coating of lemon buttercream around. it was AMAZING!

so we went in for the cake and came out with so much more! now, the meal will cost you a pretty penny but it makes it so worth it when the meal is worth every bite. at Del Frisco’s, it truly is!

eat at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in midtown, ny or other locations


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