amorino is blooming with flavor

i had been looking forward to going to amorino since i read grub street’s article about free gelato during its opening day happy hour. but what caught my eye wasn’t the free – it was the beauty of the flower shaped scoops. not only did i want to get one, i wanted to see the artistry in the service – and what a lovely presentation it was.

you may think that creating an art form for an ice cream cone, would take too much time but the servers are pros. first, place your order of size. when its’s your turn, you tell them the flavors you want and they build a chrysanthemum right before your eyes. your flower cone can bloom with up to 22 flavors using the paddle-like serving spoon. however, they recommend maximum of four or five so you can taste the flavors. unfortunately, this art form is only presented if you order a cone so if you get your ice cream in a cup, it shows you’re just in it for the gelato – which is just as good (btw, there’s also chocolates, drinks and waffles). in a coffee/chocolate mood: i got a piccolo sugar cone with caffe puro brasile, niccola T.e G. trilobata, tiramisu, spekuloos and l’inimitabile. all gone!

i didn’t make it out opening day but over a week later, other customers and i didn’t mind having to shell out the cash as well as waiting on the line that kept growing to enjoy the cool, sweet and beautiful treat.

have a gelato at Amorino in east village, ny

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