bellagio’s café gelato

to wrap up a fun trip to las vegas and luxurious stay at the bellagio, we saw one more water fountain show and then had some gelato at café gelato. i got the stracciatella, which tastes similar to vanilla chocolate chip except the chocolate chips are more like chocolate shavings. yum! i also got to taste watermelon. cool and refreshing!

i like that gelato doesn’t taste as heavy as ice cream. according to wikipedia, gelato originating from italy doesn’t have as much butterfat, includes more sugar and has more air. it is supposed to be less fattening – which is a plus! even so, the servings for a small cup is pretty large (so you can have more than one flavor) but it is quite filling so share one small so you don’t over do it!

i also like that gelato shops dress up their displays of gelato with their ingredients – such as nuts, beans and chocolate – sometimes even delicate chocolate sculptures like the butterfly.

eat at Café Gelato in bellagio las vegas hotel in las vegas, nv


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