for lunch with coworkers, we went to Tenpenny, a modern american restaurant inside the Gotham Hotel in midtown east. what a treat.

for appetizers, we had pork belly croquettes, crispy artichokes and tenpenny chips – they were all yummy! pork belly is usually fatty but these croquettes were meaty and flavorful with the potato flake coating and applejack sauce. the crispy artichokes were so good with the lemon aioli and i enjoyed the hickory-smoked trout roe. the tenpenny chips came in three flavors: garlic & gouda, tomato & chipotle, and beet & gorgonzola – one with a special spicy kick!

unfortunately the truffled steak wasn’t available so some of our party had the porchetta ‘banh-mi’ and the burger, which they enjoyed thoroughly! i had the organic chicken salad. the greens were so good with their green goddess dressing but the chicken salad was a little runny though nicely flavored.

to complete the meal, we tried some of the desserts. in the mood for something light, i had the fruit which were prepared in different ways: shaved, compressed, diced and crisped. fun. there were some intriguing cheeses that my colleagues ordered and i tried ‘barely buzzed’ which was a coffee-lavender rub with some fig jam. nice!

even though we were a party of 8, there are still so many other dishes i want to taste! i’ve seen rave reviews of the porchetta ravioli on the dinner menu and the chocolate cake looks decadent. i’m sure to go back! thanks yy for choosing this restaurant for the team to get together!

eat at Tenpenny in midtown east, ny


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