cake & shake

gf, her hubs and i went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit: Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (from may 4 thru july 31) and it was spectacular! afterwards, gf & i looked for some treats. right outside the MET were a couple of food trucks. i love checking out mobile trucks so we stopped at the Cake & Shake truck.

cupcakes, cakes and shakes. sounds decadent. but to feel better about treating yourself, cake & shake uses organic milk, eggs, flour, sugar and butter in the cakes. the milkshakes use real fruit and organic fruit flavoring. in addition, the packaging uses recycled paper or plastics that are biodegradable, recyclable or compostable. cool.

the cakes have fun names and are topped with frosting. some cakes have a mousse center. unique to other cakes, the MET location also has savory cakes with sausage, turkey, risotto, rice and/or cheese. the first time i went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit w my gf, i was in the mood for chocolate so i got the cup o’ joe cupcake – chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate mocha butter cream and bittersweet chocolate shavings. YUM!

a few weeks later, i took my relatives visiting to see the McQueen exhibit. afterwards, i checked out the drinks. there are standard coffee, tea and cocoa … then there are shakes, with fun flavors as haitian mango, huckleberry and salted caramel. i got to two of them: white peach and haitian mango, and we shared. they are so flavorful and refreshing!

i do plan to go back to the MET to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at least one more time so i can’t to try something else at this cart!

check out the Cake & Shake mobile truck at two parked spots: the MET museum or Washington Square Park


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