crunch on brad’s raw foods

one  of my gfs started eating raw foods a few months ago and she believes in the healthier diet that she’s now 80% raw. one of her favorite snacks is Brad’s Raw Foods. since she was visiting for the weekend, she brought a variety of Brad’s Raw Chips and Leafy Kale to share.

if you like tortilla chips, you will enjoy these chips! most of them are flavored with extra virgin olive oil, flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats, sea salt and spice. some have garlic, scallion, curry, variety of peppers and/or vegan cheese. some are mild while others are HOT. you can enjoy them with hummus, guacamole or dips – just make sure it’s healthy!

touting them is the “world’s healthiest chip,” Brad Gruno created raw chips because he missed the crunch of a good snack since he started a raw diet. using red bell pepper, kale, beet, sweet potato and sun dried tomatoes, he dehydrates the vegetables to crunchy nutritional goodness. it does come at a higher price point so if you can afford it, enjoy!

learn more about Brad Gruno and the benefits of Brad’s Raw Foods and purchase online or in select grocery stores

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