jamie oliver’s food revolution season 2 & “no sugar in milk” campaign

in jamie oliver’s food revolution season 2, he tackles food lunches in Los Angeles. even more than in season 1’s community in huntington, LA is challenging as the LAUSD refuses to let jamie enter their schools and learn about their lunch program. but jamie is stubborn and determined and i can’t wait to see how it turns out.

jamie just launched another campaign for healthy school food is getting rid of sugary milk in schools. from season 1, we saw how most students grab for chocolate or strawberry milk instead of regular or lowfat milk under the guise of “healthy drink” – after all, it’s milk! NOT SO – in a serving of chocolate milk, it’s 4 teaspoons of added sugar. yikes.

take part in Jamie Oliver’s Our Kids Don’t Need Sugar in Milk campaign. i signed on – did you?

learn more about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
watch and/or keep up with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Season 2
sign the petition to support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Our Kids Don’t Need Sugar in Milk


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