use the scraps!

when i watch cooks teaching recipes, the one thing that makes me cringe a little is how a lot of the food gets wasted – either because it’s easier to prepare or it’s a different texture, etc. – i mean i totally understand it but the scraps are still food. so it makes me smile when i can fine uses for the scraps.

but it is nice to know that it isn’t just me that may feel that way. i had a seaweed salad at a local japanese restaurant today and i see slices of the center of cucumber layered on the bottom of the salad! the center is removed to make maki rolls wrapped with cucumber instead of seaweed but what happens to the center? it is usually thrown away! i was happy to see restaurants find a way to use scraps and – if you know how much i love cucumbers – it also made me love the salad and the restaurant even more!

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