crispy fried chicken + korean = bonchon

now i love my fried chicken but usually the ones that you and i would talk about is southern fried chicken. we may deviate a little by talking about crispy buffalo wings (YUM!) but there’s a whole other world of fried chicken out there … it’s the KOREAN fried chicken. if you’re a fan of crispy, this is something you gotta try. with their main flavors – soy garlic sauce or hot garlic sauce – they flavor the chicken and coat the outside to crispy perfection – you can hear it in the crunch! order them as wings or as drums, you will love each bite!

bonchon does have other korean favorites such as the duk bo ki and garlic potstickers, both are pretty good. they also have an american favorite: french fries with their special seasoning, which is quite good too. have them or other dishes as sides though, because you want to make sure you have most of your tummy room for the fried chicken!

not to worry, BonChon Chicken isn’t trying to replace the whole fried chicken industry. it’s only duking it out with other korean fried chicken bcuz korean fried chicken is in a category of their own – and bonchon boasts that they’re the best!

eat at BonChon Chicken in america, south korea and other asian countries


2 thoughts on “crispy fried chicken + korean = bonchon

  1. what is the difference between Korean fried chicken and regular fried chicken? is it just the sauce? I’ve heard a lot about it lately (we have a Bon Chon here, but not really close to me, so i haven’t been) but I heard it takes a while for the chicken to be prepared.


  2. first is the crunch. it is so unique. bon chon calls it “candied” – not as in sweet but has the texture of a candy coating. the other difference is the yummy garlic flavor – they have both spicy and soy. sometimes when i have a american fried chicken, the lingering flavor is salt but i didn’t feel it with bon chon’s. lemme know if you try it and what you think!


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