new uses for things in the kitchen

“everything old is new again” – a common saying but it is just exciting when one can find new purposes for old things. so i was tickled to find this article on Real Simple that shows how we can reuse some items in out kitchen.

there are over 100 ideas but here are some of my favorites that i have to remember to use!

  • aluminum foil as glassware scrubber
  • baby oil as chrome polish
  • bubble wrap as produce protection
  • bundt pan as corn holder and vertical roaster
  • coffee filter as yogurt strainer
  • cooking spray as candlestick cleaner
  • wine corks as cabinet silencer
  • corn flakes as bread crumbs
  • desk organizer as cupboard divider
  • egg slicer as mushroom, strawberry or cheese slicer
  • garlic press as seed crusher
  • grater as charred toast scraper
  • hair dryer as cake decorating tool
  • apple as tomato ripener
  • baking soda as drain unclogger and pan scrubber
  • salt as salad wash
  • paper towel tube as plastic bag storage
  • toothbrush as plastic wrap loosener
  • vanilla as freezer freshener
  • vase as utensil holder or herb garden container
  • velcro as cushion keeper
  • vinegar as sticker remover, coffeemaker cleaner, odor remover or garbage disposal deodorizer
  • walnut as scratch filler
  • zippered plastic bag as soup saver
  • tea strainer as powdered sugar duster
  • ice cream cones as cupcake holders
  • ice cubes as bread fresheners
  • jewel case as recipe card holder
  • plastic ketchup bottle as dessert decorator or pancake batter dispenser
  • lemon as cutting board cleaner
  • LifeSavers as birthday-candle holder
  • lollipops as cocktail stirrers
  • marbles as double-boiler aid
  • marshmallow as brown sugar softener
  • cocktail shaker as iced coffee maker
  • mason jar as blender jar
  • mayonnaise as adhesive remover
  • melon baller as tomato seed scooper

read the article from Real Simple: New Uses for Things in the Kitchen

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