substitution help – thank goodyness!

you how you sometimes buy that one top because it goes great with this one outfit but then your closet ends up being filled with things you wear once? ingredients in a recipe causes that same effect. often recipes call for ingredients that we only will use a pinch of in a dish but then you never use it again! otherwise you look for an ingredient in your local supermarkets (even if you have 5 supermarkets in your neighborhood) but you just can’t find that ingredient! enter the power of substitutions: molasses: 1 cup =

suggestions via

  • 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar, plus 1/4 cup water

Note: These substitutions may alter the taste of your recipe a bit. If the molasses flavor is vital to the success of your recipe, try the brown sugar substitute. Since brown sugar is made from granulated sugar and molasses, it’ll be the closest flavor match.

empanada dough =

suggestions via Yahoo! Answers

  • pie crust dough
  • puff pastry sheets
  • pizza dough

Note: Pie crust has a more flakier taste, which is more similar to empanada dough than pizza dough. suggestions to purchase from Chowhound:

  • Goya does make empanada dough that is pre-rolled and frozen. You can find it at pretty much any supermarket in a neighborhood with a big Hispanic population, or at smaller groceries, usually in the freezer with recaito and frozen yucca.
  • Rubee has impressed me w/ her use of Pillsbury refrigerated pie dough. Here’s a post where she uses it for empanadas.
  • … C Town sells frozen empanada dough disks for 69 cents for 10 in a pack. The brand is called PEPE, a company out of West NY, NJ.

the bible then i was hanging with some friends and i learned about the BIBLE: The Food Substitutions Bible by David Joachim. it provides “… more than 5,000 substitutions for ingredients, equipment and techniques. now, instead of doing a google search, i can just look through my bible. it is just perfect! ________________________________________________________________________________ keep this book handy for your substitution needs: The Food Substitutions Bible by David Joachim


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