super moist 2-layer chocolate cake

i received wonderful gift of a cake mix and cake pan for the holidays. it was the perfect gift since i was in charge of dessert for today’s dinner! the mix was a chocolate layer cake mix from Thomas Keller’s restaurant: ad hoc. the recipe was super easy to make – cake mix with 2 eggs, vegetable oil, milk and boiling water. i learned from a previous recipe that cakes are super moist if you substitute butter or margarine with oil. so i knew this cake would be would be super moist — and it was!

i’ve never made a 2-layer cake before so i didn’t know what it took. i have new respect for those who made them, as well as those who decorate cakes. after i covered the first layer with buttercream, i placed the second layer on top and coated the second layer and the sides of both layers with buttercream. however, after a few minutes, the top layer started to slide and then it started to break so i flip it. the new top layer wasn’t slipping so i decided to let it sit for a while before i frosted the top layer. that was a good decision. i was able to frost the top of the cake a half hour later and the cake looked fine!

super moist chocolate cake and sweet buttercream. yes, it was a decadent dessert. good thing christmas is only once a year! hope everyone had a wonderful holiday dinner!

purchase Thomas Keller’s products at Williams-Sonoma

eat at ad hoc or other Thomas Keller restaurants


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