yes, junior’s has THE new york cheesecake

i have been waiting waiting waiting for this show to go live on food network. why? you may ask? bcuz i know who won the duel of the ny cheesecake!

food network’s new show food feud has iron chef, michael symon, settle the dispute between 2 rivals and make the (tough) decision of who is the best. each episode has 2 duels, sharing a common theme.

for each duel, the iron chef visits 2 establishments who are known to claim themselves the best of the same dish. he goes behind the scenes to learn how the dishes are made – what is similar and different. then he mades a decision based on a set of criteria. the dueling restaurants are from neighborhood, city or state. winner gets a trophy and bragging rights.

the first episode was an italian duel: meatballs from philadelphia – and – boston-style pizza. i’ve never been to either but it was interesting to learn about the competing rivals and their food. the second episode was cheese. this episode was more fun for me bcuz i knew about the both feuds from experience. the first duel on cheesesteak was relayed to me on a trip with a gf to philly – after much research, my gf chose pat’s steak and we loved it!

the second duel is well-known in nyc: the duel of the new york cheesecake between junior’s and eileen’s. i have eaten at junior’s cheesecake many times – not just for their cheesecake but also for their food. in july, my gf (who i went to pat’s steak with) forwarded me an email from junior’s asking fans to go to batter park to cheer them on. it also stated that we would meet michael symon and get a free piece of cheesecake.

we were supposed to arrive by 3pm but m & i got there a little late. so we made it there after the trophy was awarded to: junior’s! we did get to see both teams hanging out and michael symon was there to chat with the fans and sign autographs. we also got to congratulate alan rosen, owner of junior’s and grandson of harry rosen, the founder.

i never had a doubt that junior’s has THE new york cheesecake. if you haven’t tried it yet, you GOT to go. you won’t be disappointed!

eat at Junior’s Cheesecake in brooklyn, ny


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