breakfast and art for allie by jim’s pancakes

how can a 3-year old not have a great meal when presented with a beautiful art creation that is a feast for the eyes … and then get to eat it too? well, little allison has just that responsibility and she does it with a smile, much to the joy of her father, jim.

for the rest of us who don’t live in the household, we’re lucky to find his blog, jim’s pancakes. here, jim shares his artistic pancake creations. he even gives some construction tips so we can recreate his art.

just to name a few from his gallery:
– accessories (ties, phones, jewelry)
– animals (lions, octopuses, turtles)
– architecture (ferris wheels, bridges, cranes)
– food plates (eggs & bacon, hamburger & fries, spaghetti & meatball)
– games (golf, pacman, tic-tac-toe)
– interactive activities (“toasting” s’mores over a flame, flying an airplane)

but that’s not all jim shares, he provides recipes for his pancakes! as he states, he modifies his recipe to “find different combinations that work best for pancake art.” to get his recipes, you provide an email and you’ll receive weekly newsletters of his recipes.

yes, we can see them and eat them too, just like allie!

check out jim’s pancakes

read article on Yahoo! Shine: Dad makes world’s most incredible pancakes

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