mobile apps for foodies

today mashable had a story on 10 iPhone Apps for food lovers. some of them were pretty cool. so, i compiled a list of their recommendations as well as other apps that i like.

apps providing health information

  • Seafood World (Free): resource of fish choices that are better for the environment
  • Eat This Not That (Free): recommendation of a healthier alternative for something you are craving
  • Lose It (Free): diary of your food intake to keep track of what you eat

apps that provide definitions on food or cuisine

  • Global Eater Food Dictionary ($.99): definition of food from all over the world
  • Yum Cha Dim Sum ($2.99): definition of dim sum food
  • Sushipedia (Free): definition of types of sushi
  • Korean Cuisine (Free): definition of korean cuisine
  • Mexi-Pedia ($.99): definition of mexican cuisine

apps with recipes

  • 365 World Recipe ($.99): recipes for every day
  • iCooking Series ($.99): recipes and insights to foods of specific categories or cuisines:
    – categories include: including from appetizers, barbecue, bread, desserts, little chefs, pies and quiches, slow cooker, salads, soups to vegetarian cuisine
    – american series include: celebrations, cookouts and traditions
    – ethnic cuisines include: chinese, french, greek, indian, italian, japanese, mexican, moroccan and spanish
  • Cook’s Illustrated (Free): cookbook
  • Food Network (Free): clips of food network shows
  • 42 Restaurants ($2.99) / 42 Restaurants Lite (Free): info on highly-rated restaurants, their chefs, a recipe and photograph

apps for restaurants

  • GlobeTipping ($.99): provides advice on the appropriate amount of tip to give per region
  • FoodFinder (Free): provides suggestions of restaurants per cuisine based on location via google or inputted location

apps for fun

  • Diner Dash ($) / Diner Dash Lite (Free): game working as a waitress in a restaurant
  • Cooking Dash ($) / Cooking Dash Lite (Free): game cooking in a restaurant
  • Cooking Mama ($) / Cooking Mama Lite (Free): game teaching proper cooking technique

hey, if you have other apps you think are really cool, let me know!

read article on Mashable: 10 iPhone Apps for the Global Foodie

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