press 195 for the best knish sandwiches

when i was in high school, i used to have knishes as after-school snacks on my way home from school. since then, i have enjoyed then as a side to a meal. but after press 195, their way is the only way i want to eat a knish ever again.

press 195 is a neighborhood sandwich shop/wine bar that specializes in pressed sandwiches. as expected there are hot and cold pressed sandwiches. for variety, they also have salads as well as burgers. but to me, what makes this place stand out above all other places, is one spectacular kind of pressed sandwich: knish pressed sandwiches – the knish replaces the bread! the top and bottom of the sandwich is a knish and your middle ingredient is a few choices of cheese with roast beef, steak, pastrami, meatloaf, turkey or veggies. the complete package is pressed so the result is a warm sandwich with a crunchy potato-y outside. omg it is amazing!

even tho it was years ago, i remember ay introducing me to this place – fond memories bcuz i love pressed sandwiches, sad bcuz it was the last place we ate before ay moved out of town. but the food will always be a great memory. i had the hot turkey brie pressed sandwich which was great but what i rocked that dining experience in my memory was m’s order of the roast beef knish. i only had a few bites but i couldn’t get it out of my mind for weeks! i even tried going there again a few weeks later but that night they sold out of the knishes! i was soooo bummed. anyhoo, i’m glad to report that i was there again this weekend and yes, it still rocked my pressed sandwich world! … btw, the belgian fries with cool dipping sauces were pretty awesome too!

eat at Press 195 in queens & long island, ny (brooklyn location has closed)


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