totally totto ramen

i’m not much of a noodle person but m is. so when a coworker shared her love of a newly opened noodle shop in midtown, i knew i had to take m there. when we arrived, there was a line – around 7 other parties of 2 or 3 before us – but turnaround time is pretty quick so we were able to be seated in half an hour.

the cute little restaurant has bar seating around the two cooks prepping the dishes as well as a few small tables in the back. the two cooks works in harmony – one cook boils each serving of noodles in one of the 6 individual boiling pots per order, shaking it dry with a passion and then placing each in its own bowl. meanwhile, the other cook stirs the three large vats of soups and then pours the soup per order in the bowls. both cooks adds the toppings per customer’s request.

our orders came in less than 10 minutes. i had the totto chicken paitan ramen with noodles in homemade chicken soup while m ordered the totto spicy ramen with spicy sesame oil. my chicken soup was rich and flavorful while m’s spicy soup was hot and tasty. the main praise goes to the thin homemade noodles which are cooked al dente and perfectly. we enjoyed it so much that we shared an extra order of noodles to go with our soup. when you are craving noodles, give this place a try – you’ll love it!

eat at Totto Ramen in midtown west, ny


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