eat like a king at balthazar

i’ve heard of balthazar before but i didn’t necessarily think i needed to eat at every high end restaurant – after all, there are so many! then i watched the food network show, the best thing I ever ate: fried foods. bobby flay introduced balthazar’s french fries as the best fried food he ever ate. from that episode, i knew i had to go!

first of all, the interior of balthazar is quite beautiful. the space was once a warehouse so it is wide and has very high ceilings. there are large mirrors, large columns and warm lighting. there’s a glow to the space that makes the place feel very welcoming.

it is best to make a reservation, unless you’re open to waiting an hour and half. but if you do walk in, you do have the option to eat at the bar or at mini tables by the bar. m & i decided to be impulsive and there was a mini table available so that’s where we sat.

to begin, we are served bread and butter. now, that may not be something to announce but next door to balthazar’s restaurant is balthazar bakery with their specialty breads and pastries. i’ll have to go back for more bread but let me tell you about dinner!

i ordered the steak au poivre with pommes frites and spinach. it was sooooogoooood! the fillet mignon was awesome with a cracked pepper sauce complementing the steak without being overpowering – and that is a pretty impressive, considering the cracked pepper is literally coating both the top and bottom of the steak! the spinach was flavorful and cooked perfectly. and then there’s the fries … oh the fries … light brown coloring with a crispness you can hear. the steak, spinach and fries at balthazar = the perfect meal.

now you may wonder how i would have room for dessert and let me tell you – i barely was able to make it – even though i saved half of my steak and fries for another meal! but when i looked at the dessert menu, i saw something that i couldn’t pass up: white chocolate ice cream. they were able to accommodate my request for just one scoop of their homemade ice cream. m & i shared the one scoop, savoring each scoop – it has a understated french vanilla flavor with a very subtle hint of white chocolate.

it was just the right amount and just the right flavor to wrap up an amazing meal fit for royalty.

eat at Balthazar in the east village, ny


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