xiao chi at xiao ye


i have been waiting for eddie huang’s new restaurant, xiao ye, to open for a few months now and alas the day has arrived! prior to opening, eddie showed us a peak of his new restaurant in the progress on his blog, fresh off the boat. i don’t know much about the business so it was fun to learn how one sets up shop: from the naming of the restaurant (that changed from crackhaus – to go along with his other restaurant, baohaus – to xiao ye) … to trying out new recipes … to waiting for a liquor license before opening. very cool!

with funny names to go along with each dish and drink, eddie shows us his own take on taiwanese xiao chi, little eats. we tried the concubine cucumbers (garlic pickled cucumbers), poontang postickers (panfried dumplings), beef noodle soup (noodles with beef and ox tail stew), mom’s cold noodles (noodles with picked cabbage & cucumber), apple sidra pork chops (pork chops brined in apple sidra), taiwanese flat booty cake (pancakes with spicy lychee), yellow fever bao fries (fried sweet manto and banana) and my favorite: general poke-her face prawns (spicy shrimp over rice). our party also tried two drinks: the milk skywalker (johnny black, irish cream, soy milk, black tea, boba pearls) and taiwanese #1 drink (apple sidra, vanilla, bourbon).

the restaurant has the ambiance of a taiwanese night market even though it is in the middle of the lower east side. bright splats of color are on the walls and stools. it is lively but cool. acoustics aren’t great so it’s hard to hear each other but when you’re hanging in the night market, it’s about talking loudly and enjoying the food. don’t look for replicas of taiwanese food tho bcuz you won’t get it. instead, you will enjoy new flavors and a different twist to old. eddie huang isn’t done yet. he adds new dishes periodically and i say this for a restaurant that’s been open for less than a month. i’ll be back to try some more – ones i have missed and ones to come!

eat at Xiao Ye in the lower east side, ny

read eddie huang’s blog: fresh off the boat

* see my post on eddie huang’s other restaurant, Baohaus


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