harry potter theme park: butterbeer

when i first heard about the harry potter theme park, i was lukewarm about the idea of going. the books were literary geniuses and the movies were works of art … but a theme park? what could they possibly do to make it worth going? this all changed when i heard that there was BUTTERBEER.

after you enter the universal orlando resorts city walk and quickly pass through a few themes of island of adventure, you will arrive at the entrance of the harry potter theme park. the first thing that welcomes you is the huge horizontal barrel labeled BUTTERBEER. so, why postpone – yes, we must start the adventure with butterbeer! but get this – it isn’t just one kind of butterbeer – you get TWO choices of butterbeer! there’s the butterbeer and then there’s the frozen butterbeer. of course i had to try them both. the bubbly one tastes like cream soda and the frozen one tastes like cream soda slush. don’t ask me which one i liked more bcuz i can’t decide — i LOVED them BOTH!

you can order the butterbeer from the big barrel store or you can order it at the three broomsticks restaurant … or … you can have some both times like i did! since you’ll need the energy and fuel to explore the rest of the theme park, drink up. it’ll leave a smile on your face throughout the adventure!

drink butterbeer at the Harry Potter Theme Park, Universal Orlando Resorts in orlando, fl


if you are experiencing withdrawl from the lack of butterbeer in your hometown, check out a variation of butterbeer recipes from Associated Content: Harry Potter: Top 10 Butterbeer Recipes. here’s one i tried that m & i thought wasn’t bad!



  • 8oz ginger ale or cream soda
  • 2 tablespoons of caramel, butterscotch or maple syrup


Mix in a tall glass and serve.

also try the harry potter frozen butterbeer recipe


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