great food at the sweetwater tavern

family took a trip to virginia and our first meal was at sweetwater tavern. the restaurant was recommended so i didn’t bother reading up on it. i had high expectations since the recommender was a trustworthy source. to begin the meal, the pleasant introduction to the restaurant was the basket of buttery bread balls. they were soft, warm, chewy and absolutely delicious! i only wish i had an endless supply of them to get anywhere unfortunately the bread is made by the chef so it can only be found at this restaurant. yum!

let’s see, what did we try?

  • monterey salad with spiced pecans (fried chicken, avocado, corn, tomato, tortillas, sun dried cranberries) was flavorful
  • jambalaya pasta (sauteed shrimp, chicken, sausage, tomato, scallions, penne pasta in spicy creole cream sauce) was a favorite
  • hickory grilled fresh fish (day’s special) was fresh
  • sauteed jumbo lump crab cakes (with remoulade sauce, fries. cole slaw) was great

the portions were huge, the flavors were great, and the service was good. we were so stuffed we didn’t have any room for dessert, which is unfortunate because i can only imagine that it would have been great! would i recommend this place? yes. pass the word.

eat at Sweetwater Tavern in fairfax, va


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