light, airy fresca la crêpe

when i went to paris a few years ago, i had my first (and second) amazing crêpe. recently i found a new crêperia in forest hills, crêpes and tearia, and i enjoyed a sweet crêpe. then a fellow food-loving gf told me to try fresca la crêpe in woodside. so i met up with some friends for brunch and boy were we in for a treat!

this cute little crêperia reminds me of an outdoor crêpe stand on rue cler in paris. much like the street vendor, fresca la crêpe has an open window and chef patricia chu demonstrates her art of making crêpes as pedestrians walk by … unless they are lured in for a meal. she lays the batter, piles on toppings, and flips the crêpes to perfection. each crêpe is made to order so you have to wait your turn as chef chu makes up to two crêpes at a time. there’s also no politeness here – you must eat the crêpes as they come out so you savor the flavors in its peak form – straight from the crêpe pan, all warm and crispy!

since there were five of us, we tried five different crêpes – three savory crêpes made with a buckwheat base: spinach and mozzarella with homemade basil olive oil, spinach and feta, and omelette with egg, ham, mozzarella, onions and mushroom – and – two sweet crêpes made with all-purpose flour: pj (peanut butter and jelly) and s’mores with dark chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers. they were light, airy deliciousness. we were SOOOO tempted to order more. but we kept our cool and just had one each … until the next time!

eat at Fresca La Crêpe in woodside, ny

read about Fresca La Crêpe in Edible Queens: Quelle Surprise


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