inject me with some starbucks

now, i couldn’t wrap up my first trip in seattle without talking about one of its lifelines. beginning in their first place in pike place market, seattle is the home of starbucks coffee.

while i knew the origin of the starbucks chain was in seattle, i didn’t think about visiting until someone mentioned that first store was in pike place market. obviously i wasn’t the only one with the same idea to visit the flagship store and they were prepared for it. articles and pictures of original store in frames and proudly on display. they also shake it up with barista flair, throwing around and catching cup orders and bags of beans to be grounded. the store was packed with visitors taking pictures, ordering a cup of coffee and picking up some memorabilia with “starbucks pike place. home of the first” on it. i admit bought into hype and picked up my own bearista and a pike place mug for myself. i also bought a bag of pike place beans and a cup/saucer set as a gift.

like most people, i need my regular dosage of coffee but my biggest weakness for coffee though is its smell – so fragrant and alluring. i only allow myself a maximum of 1 cup per day but this would be hard to follow if i lived in seattle. in some neighborhoods there is a starbucks or another coffee shop on every block so the fragrance is always calling out to you to have  … just another cup.

have a cup a joe at Starbucks in seattle, wa and … well, almost anywhere


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