swim to salty’s

m & i went out to dinner with coworkers. they picked the restaurant but i had seen the place on the tourist map and it had piqued my interest. salty’s with a little crab on the logo. surely the seafood must be good? the answer is yes!

salty’s is in west seattle so the best way to get there from downtown seattle is by water taxi, a cute boat that comes once an hour and you can only pay with exact change. a 20-minute ride with a view of the seattle skyline. the night was starting off well! we had a very cheerful waiter who had great memory for someone taking orders for a table of 10 without writing anything down.

after deliberating on the choices from the robust menu, i decided on ciopino crab prepared with a tomato broth and vegetables. it looked and tasted amazing. i never had ciopino crab before but it was meaty and tender. delicious! i wish i had room for dessert but all i could do was marvel at the pretty desserts i saw on the way in. this restaurant is right by the water so you have a beautiful view, especially when you arrive around sunset. you’ll be captivated and satiated. what a great way to end the day.

eat at Salty’s in west seattle, wa


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